Some Insight

Writah’s Touch is a limited liability corporation established in 2018 by Jamaal S. Walker Jr. It is an entertainment company that focuses on songwriting, concert booking, entertainment services in recording, production, and post-production services in the field of music, live music concerts, music video production, production of musical sound recordings, recording studio services, recording studios, and sound mixing. We handle merchandising for our artists, promotional materials, and event planning for concerts and tours. Our mission is to deliver high quality materials with extreme details from stories told through our creators in all final products. Representation matters to us, and Writah’s Touch is built on personnel that directly aligns their talents, goals, creations, and stories that does not simply blend; but pushes the envelope of timeless.

Writah’s Touch is also extended into a family of collectives, introducing its new production company, A Few Day Ones.

As well as a partnership with crafting and design company, Pothead Creations.